...dedicated to providing diapers to children and adults in need.

Board and History

Board of Directors

Board President: Julie Remde
Board President Elect: Kirsten Voinis
Board Secretary: Caroline Sellars
Board Treasurer: Claire Idell
Founding Board Member: Beverly Hamilton, Ph.D.
Board Member: Ryan Cradeur, M.D.
Board Member: Susie Martinez
Board Member: Chris Napierkowski

Austin Diaper Bank Staff

Executive Director Holly McDaniel - hollymcdaniel (at) austindiapers.org
Program Manager:  Lindsay Martinez - lindsaymartinez (at) austindiapers.org

Austin Diaper Bank
8711 Burnet Road, Suite B34
Austin, TX 78757
(512) 710- 7232

This article started it all.  When the founder, Beverly Hamilton read about the silent crisis of diaper need, her heart broke for the babies.  As a mom herself, she felt for the moms who were in such difficult situations.  Beverly learned more about the National Diaper Bank Network and its mission to diaper American children.  When she saw there was not a city or countywide diaper bank, but such high rates of poverty, she knew something had to be done.  And with that, Austin Diaper Bank was born in June 2013.