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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Deck the Halls With Diapers Holiday Diaper Drive

Toys are great but diapers are better. You can help babies meet their basic needs by hosting a diaper drive. All you need is to tell people you are collecting diapers and then a place to put them- a donation bin, your office, under the tree, wherever. We can provide a bin, signage, social media posts etc. to make it easy-peasy. Diapers in larger sizes of 4, 5, and 6 are in most demand. Same for adult sizes. Help us meet the 50 diaper per month shortfall faced by some of our Central Texas families and feel good about your amazingly good deed! Check out our diaper drive toolkit here.

If it's not in the cards this year to host a drive, it's easy to give diapers. If you already have some to donate (we take open packs too), then just drop them at one of our diaper drop locations. Or you can get them to us other ways too:

  • Shop our Amazon.com wish list and diapers can be shipped right to us. Or use your own site and gift to us by sending to 6418 Clairmont Drive, Austin, TX 78749.
Thank you for helping us provide the gift of health and well-being to our Central Texas families!