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Monday, March 23, 2015

We're moving on up (to 700 square feet)!

At the end of March, Austin Diaper Bank will be moving from one suite to another in the Lamar Business Park. Going from 400 square feet to 700 square feet will provide desperately needed space for diaper storage. The current diaper bank space is maxed out and the founder is back to storing diapers at her house. The big move is Saturday March 28th at 10 am and you are invited to help. Longhorn Truck Rentals has graciously donated a truck for our move. Come on down to 5555 N. Lamar Blvd. Suite K105 if you'd like to help.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Diapers as Hope: Austin Diaper Bank Helps SafePlace Survivors

A Short Story that has Big Results: How ADB Helps SafePlace Survivors
Something many people don't realize about domestic violence is that the most dangerous time for a woman in a violent relationship, other than when she is fleeing, is when she is pregnant or has just given birth. Karen*, who fled with her newborn from an increasingly abusive husband, knows just how powerful a pack of diapers can be for a mother in crisis.

Moving and starting over is stressful for anyone, but starting over with absolutely nothing except for the infant crying in your arms would be too much for almost anyone to bear. Like most of the mothers who come through the doors of the shelter at SafePlace, Karen's thoughts were not on herself, but on her daughter. How would she provide for her? How would they live?

When Karen's Survivor Support Specialist brought her a supply of diapers and wipes that we had received from the Austin Diaper Bank a huge smile of relief crossed her face. She told us she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and that these diapers weren't just something that her daughter could wear, they were a symbol that she and her newborn weren't alone in their struggles. She still has a long way to go in her journey and a tremendous task ahead of her, but thanks to the Austin Diaper Bank, she doesn't have to worry about diapers during her shelter stay.

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