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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need a New New Year's Resolution?

My New Year's Resolution: The Diaper-A-Day Challenge
by Amanda Motes

The background:
My New Year's Resolution is to find a way to more consistently support a non-profit in my area.  Why?  Because while I know that  any donation of any size at any time is always very appreciated, I also know that nonprofits can really use a steady donation stream to be able to best plan and utilize their resources.  However,  I'm a stay-at-home mom with a  5-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old, so extra dollars are not always at my disposal.  The result?  My goal for 2015: set aside one diaper a day to donate to the Austin Diaper Bank.

The plan:
For me, I'm less likely to get nervous about a dwindling diaper supply if I literally set aside one diaper a day (as opposed to taking out 7 a week or 30 at the beginning of the month).  So I'll put them in a box each day and take them to the Austin Diaper Bank once a month. Luckily there are several drop-off sites near me, so that part should be easy.

Why this cause matters to me:
When I found out that diapers are not covered by public assistance programs, such as SNAP and even WIC, I was shocked.  With two little ones myself, I know how both how expensive and how essential diapers are.

The impact:

I wondered whether or not this plan would really make any difference, so I ran the numbers.  With 365 days in the year, and using the average diaper use in my household (about 6 each day), 365 diapers would diaper a baby for 2 whole months!  So yes, I think it would definitely bring help to a local family in need.  And if just 5 other families join me, together we can diaper a baby for a full year!  So who's with me?!