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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grow the Bank During Amplify Austin

Thursday March 5th at 6 pm to Friday March 6th at 6 pm is Amplify Austin, a 24-hour period of giving to local non-profits. Last year, Amplify Austin raised over $5 million and this year's goal is $7 million, all for great causes that are right here in our area.
Austin Diaper Bank's goal in 2014 was to get its own space and we were able to, due to the great response from the community. We raised $4,000 and signed a lease on a small but very important office of 400 sq. ft. This space has allowed us to gather nearly 100,000 diapers in 2014 alone and we are proud to have served over 25 agencies and nearly 2,000 people- all with volunteers in our tiny space. As you can see, it's mighty full!

Our goal for Amplify Austin in 2015 is to grow the bank by raising enough money ($9,000) to double our operating space. If we do, we would have enough room to safely store more diapers, allow more volunteers to work and double the number of people we serve. It's a bargain when you think that nearly 2,000 more people in Central Texas can get the help they desperately need. We ask members in the community who can afford to give: give generously to end a silent crisis that is utterly preventable with just a bit of money and effort. Diaper need in Austin can be crushed with kindness.

  • Donating money is easy, click here. You can give a gift during the event or schedule it now (set it and forget it!). 
  • Helping us fundraise is very helpful, click here. We'll even craft the messages for you so you can just cut and paste. 
  • We also have some great events planned to celebrate Amplify Austin, click here to check them out. 
Thank you Austin, for all your support and kindness. The relief and joy in the eyes of the mothers we help is worth every minute we spend on this cause.