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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Who Our Diapers Help: Mark and Anna's Story

Imagine a normal night at home, eating dinner, relaxing, looking forward to getting to bed early and unwinding. But then suddenly the phone rings and someone asks if you would be willing to open your home to a newborn baby….tonight.  You have one hour to prepare for this baby, only knowing their name and why they are coming into foster care.  Where do you start? Thanks to the Austin Diaper Bank, one thing our foster families don’t have to worry about is diapers.

Many of the foster families with Helping Hand Home for Children go through this scenario all too often.  They are willing to open their homes to children who have to be removed from their families in a moment’s notice due to abuse and neglect.  They are able to provide love, safety, and a nurturing home when the children need it most.  No two scenarios are ever the same, therefore it is almost impossible to prepare for every situation.

The Austin Diaper Bank has truly been an amazing support to families like Mark and Anna. Over the last year Mark and Anna have welcomed nine different foster children into their home, seven of which wore diapers.  The ages of these sweet children ranged from newborn up to six years old and they lived in their home for as little as one day to almost a year.  It takes a village to raise a child and the Austin Diaper Bank has gone above and beyond to help support one of the community’s most vulnerable populations, our foster youth.  We are so grateful to have them as a part of our village and our children and families thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

From the Helping Hand Home for Children Foster and Adoption Program

You can donate to Austin Diaper Bank to help emergency foster babies, like the ones Mark and Anna welcome into their home. Thank you for your support.