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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Who We Help: Their Stories

Here at the Austin Diaper Bank, we hear from those in need everyday. It's important to hear their stories from both themselves and from the people at our partner agencies who assist them. Here are just a few:

Leslie is a single mother of 5 with both Lupus and blood disorder.  She must carefully manage her health, and is limited in her ability to work, so her income is limited.  In addition, she has had lapses in her state benefits (food stamps and TANF) multiple times due to clerical/bureaucratic errors that were beyond her control, even when she completed all of her requirements, which created an additional burden in meeting her and her kids’ needs. She is also from out of state, and has a limited support system in the Austin area.  Though 4 of her kids are school-aged, her youngest is still in diapers, and the assistance helped her tremendously given her very tight budget.

Last week, we had a caseworker visit our Rainbow Room at 2:00 a.m. after an emergency removal of an infant from a Meth home. She stopped by the Rainbow Room to grab some diapers and clothing for the infant. When you are removed from a Meth home, you can't leave with a stitch of clothing on, not even a diaper. The diapers that we can provide to caseworkers help them to take care of these innocent children during a very difficult time. I wish I could say that we don't get many of these types of cases, but we see it quite a bit. The Diaper Bank allows us to, not only, provide diapers in emergency situations, but also to help out families that are struggling to keep their family together.

I am a single mom to twin boys and I have a 4 year old. I can't go back to work let full-time because we are on the wait list for the reduced child care. The twins aren't potty trained yet so the diapers are still really expensive. Can you help us?

Your support, in the form of diaper donations and financial donations, are critical in our mission to help these families. Your gift can help Central Texas families immediately. Thank you.