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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Different View of Breaking Bad

Carol*, a hardworking caseworker for Child Protective Services (CPS), rushes into the Rainbow Room at 2 am, on a mission. Rainbow Rooms across Central Texas are set up to provide resources to children entering CPS care. Carol is on her way to collect Benjamin, a nine-month old baby boy. Benjamin lives in a meth house that was just busted by police. This sweet innocent baby has to be removed from his home with absolutely nothing. No clothes, diaper, not one stitch. Everything in the house has been contaminated by the meth chemicals and has to be left behind. Carol's stop at the Rainbow Room is to get Benjamin diapers, formula and clothes so he can have his basic needs met. Rainbow Rooms are run by Partnerships for Children, one of Austin Diaper Bank's wonderful partner agencies. We are happy to provide diapers to help children like Benjamin get out of harm's way. We wish these cases were rare but they are not. If you donate diapers or dollars to Austin Diaper Bank, know that your generosity helps those most vulnerable and in need of our kindness.

*All names have been changed for confidentiality.