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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Where our diapers go: Email requests

Where do our diapers go? People you know, quite likely. We hear from single moms, dads who have been laid off of work, grandmothers who are keeping their grandkids while the parent works. Here are just a few messages we have received to show how easy it can be to need assistance (details have been changed to protect anonymity).

  • I'm seeking assistance because I have had a decrease in hours at work and my daughter's father is not helping with her expenses. 
  • I am a foster mom. With having four kids, my partner and I have decided to have her stay at home with them, putting a financial strain on our family. We have three in diapers and are wondering if you are able to help foster parents out?
  • Hi, my name is Sofia and I'm a 21 yr old single mom to newborn twin girls. I'm wondering if there's any way that you know of that I could get extremely discounted or possibly free diapers or coupons. They're going through about one pack of 27 premie diapers a day together. I'm on food stamps and wic and I get health coverage, but none of those things help with diapers. I'm recovering from a c section, so I haven't been able to go back to work yet, I'm getting some help from my mom, working minimum wage would barely cover daycare if I went back now anyway.
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