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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Poverty Rates Surge in America's Suburbs

A recent PBS Hewshour segment on poverty on our suburbs demonstrates a key point that we see at the diaper bank all the time: Poverty doesn't always "look" like poverty from the outside.  You can read the entire transcript here. The main takeaways from our perspective were:

  • More poor people now live in America’s suburbs than in cities or in rural areas.
  • In the suburbs of Austin, Texas, the number of poor has swelled almost 143 percent. 
  • Nationally, real wages, adjusted for inflation, have been flat for several decades…even as costs continue to rise.
  •  A lot of the jobs we’re creating don’t pay enough to make ends meet for a family. 
  • Many working poor don’t qualify for government help because they earn too much to be considered officially “poor” – around $23,500 for a family of four.
  • Lack of public transportation and spousal support for children can compound these issues.
Diaper banks attempt to assist in their particular way. Providing diapers allows children to go to daycare so parents can work. An adequate supply of diapers mean healthier and more contented babies and families.