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Friday, March 7, 2014

Telling Their Story of Escaping Violence: Where Our Diapers Go

Austin Diaper Bank strives to help parents and families in a variety of crisis situations. Our community is lucky to have a number of non-profit agencies that work in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence. Austin Diaper Bank provides diapers to SafePlace, SAHELI for Asian Families, and Hope Alliance. These three groups provide assistance to families dealing with domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking.  There are many programs these groups operate, including shelters, counseling, advocacy, and education.  SafePlace, SAHELI and Hope Alliance are important safety nets in our community. Austin Diaper Bank is proud to help with their diaper need for their babies and toddlers who come to stay at the shelter or seek help through one of their assistance programs.

Here is one story of a mother's journey:

One of our recent shelter clients, Clara, had recently fled from a violent boyfriend who was also the head of the household. Clara's boyfriend would not allow her leave the house or get a job and gave her a very small allowance each week. Clara had a 2 year-old son that stayed with her at all times inside their home. When Clara decided to come into shelter, she left while her boyfriend was at work and only brought her son and 2 duffel bags worth of belongings. While here in shelter, Clara was determined to get a job, get daycare and find more permanent housing. During her 30 day stay she was able to find a job, but couldn't start until she had childcare for her 2 year old. After gathering her proof of employment, proof of child support payments (or lack thereof, the father of her child has not paid her in several months) and a recent vaccination record for her son, she was ready to start work. The daycare gave her a free 2 week scholarship, as well as awarding her financial aid for the rest of her son's daycare stay. The only thing holding her back from putting her son into daycare and being able to start her job, was diapers. Mom had no money, no financial options and thought she was going to have to pull her son from daycare all because she was not able to supply them diapers. When she got back to the shelter she was panicked, but when we told her that we could give her a couple cases to get her started, she was more than relieved. Clara was able to take a couple cases to daycare as well as keep a case for her at home. Clara and her son were able to move-in with Clara's mom, and Clara is enjoying the new freedom of having a job and finding her "purpose" again.

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