...dedicated to providing diapers to children and adults in need.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Amplify Austin Starts Tonight at 6 pm!

Austin Diaper Bank's goal for 2014 is to secure its own office/warehouse space so we can continue to expand services for babies, toddlers and the elderly in need. Just like a food bank, a diaper bank needs space to store the goods it distributes. Once we meet that goal, then donations will go to diaper purchases. We buy diapers in bulk from wholesalers so we get a great price per diaper- making the most of every dollar given.

We hope that the community will step up to support a community-wide diaper bank. The 25% poverty level for children (and 18% for the elderly) means we have a lot of diapers to get out there! Austin Diaper Bank needs your help and today is the perfect day. Amplify Austin starts tonight at 6 pm: