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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3 Easy and Free Ways Parents Can Help the Austin Diaper Bank

You don't have to spend an extra dime to make a big difference!

1) Send in rewards codes

You know those rewards codes on Huggies and Pampers packages? Take a picture of the code, "like"
Austin Diaper Bank on Facebook, and send the picture to us through a Facebook message. Those points add up we'll redeem them for diapers!

2) Save your packaging from baby wipes, diapers, and food pouches

The Austin Diaper Bank participates in the Terracycle program, which will recycle the packaging and
turn your trash into cash for the Austin Diaper Bank. Drop-off your stash at one of our many donation locations.

3) Donate outgrown diapers

Did you know that Austin Diaper Bank can accept open packages of diapers? So the next time your little one outgrows their diapers mid-box, don't throw the extras away - pass them on to us!

Where to drop-off diapers and packaging.

By Amanda Motes