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Monday, January 27, 2014

Partner Spotlight: Partnerships for Children

Partnerships for Children is an amazing organization that "provides critical resources to abused and neglected children in our community who are in the care of Child Protective Services." Partnerships for Children "works to bridge the gap between limited government resources and the critical needs of Austin area children. The Partnership operates programs designed to help caseworkers provide resources and support to the families and children they serve." They do this by supplying basic necessities, like toothbrushes, clothes and even diapers to their 17 Rainbow Rooms in Central Texas. 

As the Partnerships for Children website states, "The Rainbow Room looks like any other children's shop. Its shelves are stocked with brand-new toys and clothing. You also see infant care supplies, stacks of tiny t-shirts and displays of outfits any child would be proud to wear to school. The only thing missing is a cash register.

Money doesn't change hands here. "Shoppers" fill out forms and help themselves. These customers are Child Protective Services caseworkers, and they're shopping for children of our community whose lives are in crisis.

Sometimes, the difference between a child who goes to school and one who doesn't is a pair of shoes, a winter coat, a notebook and pencil. Sometimes, the difference between an infant who is healthy and one who isn't is formula, clean diapers, lotions and powders -- Partnerships for Children ensures that these children will not have to go another day without things that we all take for granted."

Austin Diaper Bank is so pleased to help out with their diapering supplies. These children deserve to be clean and healthy and Partnerships for Children makes it happen.

All quotes from the Partnerships for Children website.