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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Austin Diaper Bank's New Best Friends: Preschools

Preschools and daycare centers can help Austin Diaper Bank tremendously! All it takes is the willingness to host a donation box for parents to be able to put diapers in that their kiddos no longer need. We get a lot of diapers this way. Our wonderful volunteers re-package them and get them to babies and toddlers who can really use them. We also take empty baby food pouches and dairy cups for recycling. What an easy way to give back to the community! Austin Diaper Bank would love to thank the preschools who are getting in on this good karma wave:

  • Bright Horizons at Davis and Escaprment
  • All His Children Preschool
  • Westminster Presbyterian Day School
  • Circle C Development Center
Do you think your school would be interested? Would you like to help bring diapers from your school to ADB?  We'd love to hear from you!