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Monday, December 16, 2013

How Our Diapers Help Hope Alliance Crisis Center

Hope Alliance Crisis Center in Round Rock does important work to assist those affected with family and sexual violence. Their operations include a 24-hour crisis hotline, emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, education, prevention and advocacy. Hope Alliance serves nearly 3,000 people each year, mostly women and children.

Often, victims of domestic violence leave behind all their possessions, including diapers, to escape a dangerous situation. Here is just one story about how our diapers can help their clients:

"We recently had a single mom flee to the shelter with her 9 month boy and 2 year old daughter. Both of the kids were in diapers, but their mom wasn't even able to bring a diaper bag with her. On their first night in shelter, we were able to provide her with a case of diapers for each kid, wipes, baby powder, baby shampoo and other baby necessities. Though this might seem small and expected for most people, this gave the mom a sense of relief knowing she didn't have to spend the few dollars she had on diapers and wipes." 

Austin Diaper Bank is happy to support Hope Alliance Crisis Center with diapers for the children of their clients.