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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Staying at Home with Your Kid(s) But Want to Have an Outside Project? Volunteer with Austin Diaper Bank!

I started Austin Diaper Bank this summer while staying at home with my son Barrett. I've liked the part-time flexibility of the work but I realize that it will also look good on my resume if and when I go back to a full-time job in the outside world. :) I would love to have more stay-at-home moms join our organization. We have many things to do that can be done with your littles in tow (making a diaper delivery or pick-up) or things that get you out of the house for a break with other like-minded adults (diaper drives and other events). Austin Diaper Bank needs manpower- for ideas, getting donations and other things that can be done on your own time.  I would wager that the vast majority of diaper bank work I do if between the hours of 1 and 3 pm aka nap time. Please    if you'd like to see change in the world and be a part of it.