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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Partner Spotlight: Austin Children's Shelter

Austin Diaper Bank is proud to partner with Austin Children’s Shelter (ACS) and provide 
them with diapers for their infants and toddlers. ACS provides services to children, young 
people and their families who are dealing with issues of abuse and neglect; they provide both residential and non-residential support. The services offered include:

• emergency shelter

• teen parent program with parent education and support

• transitional living program for youth ages 17-22

• residential respite care

• a child placing agency, Foster in Austin

The shelter operates with the ethos that all children and young people deserve to feel safe and secure and to receive nurturing care, the programs and services are designed to help achieve this. The ACS guiding principles are:

• Safety

• Survivor centered

• Loving, nurturing and fun

• Excellence

• Integrity

• Respect and dignity

• Culturally competent

• Collaboration

By supporting the diaper bank you are helping to provide care for the many babies and 
children that are supported by Austin’s Children Shelter; you can learn more about the 
shelter’s great work here.

-Ellie Wheeler