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Monday, July 15, 2013

Are disposable diapers all the same?

In this recent article from Slate.com, the author looks at the increase of diaper brands on the market who are touting their products as "safer" for your baby.  An excerpt:

Research suggests that diapers, regardless of brand, are very safe. Yes, some children will be allergic to certain diaper components, which I’ll get into below, and for them, brands like Honest and Seventh Generation could be preferable. And yes, companies don’t always openly disclose ingredients on diaper boxes. But industry scientists describe many diaper ingredients (and diaper safety testing protocols) in the scientific literature. And many vocal parents and media outlets have misconstrued the small body of research on diaper ingredients to make diapers seem far more dangerous than they probably are. There’s no question that Honest diapers, as well as those made by Seventh Generation, Earth’s Best and several other “green” companies, are better for the environment than traditional diapers because their cores aren’t bleached with chlorine (a process that pollutes and requires a lot of energy) and because they use some plant-based materials in place of petroleum-based chemicals. But if you’re buying Honest because you think those other diapers will sicken your child, you’re probably being duped. (Continue reading)