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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer is the worst time of year to be poor

I am living in my car with my newborn.
We just lost everything in a house fire.
My husband has been laid off and we are desperate.
We get emails and phone calls like this every day of the year, as many parents face a daily choice between buying food or diapers. In summer, that choice gets harder, and more babies sit in wet and soiled diapers.
Summer is the worst time to be poor. When low-income children lose access to school breakfasts and lunches, moms stretch the family budget to provide more meals at home. Organizations that serve low-income families tend to get the bulk of their donations between Thanksgiving and the New Year. When the weather warms and more parents come in for help, the cupboard is often bare.

Fortunately, there is help out there. Community-based diaper banks provide free diapers to families in need. These are incredibly effective and efficient organizations that work through existing agencies and make use of the most amazing volunteers on earth. With your support, they can be even more effective.

-Joanne Goldblum, Executive Director, National Diaper Bank Network

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