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Help us distribute 200,000 diapers this year to those in need.

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Partner Spotlight

Austin Diaper Bank is proud to provide diapers to Bluebonnet ECI.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Your Donated Kids Gear Can Help Local Babies in Need

Clean out those closets and toy boxes! Donating gently used kid gear to Austin Diaper Bank can provide diapers to babies in need. How does it work? You donate your unneeded goods, download the tax deductible receipt and we consign them in local sales. Everyone wins! To donate just a couple of items, put them in a bag and drop them at one of our donations spots or email us for a larger pick-up at austindiaperbank at gmail dot com.

Items that are most helpful are toys, swings, strollers, slings/carriers, bouncers, etc. Clothes are better donated to other organizations. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Volunteer Groups at Austin Diaper Bank Make a Huge Impact in the Community

With a little as one hour of work at the diaper bank facility, volunteer groups can make a big difference in the lives of fellow Central Texans. Gather the troops at your workplace, non-profit, place of worship, neighborhood, scout troop, you name it! If you'd like to check out our volunteer dates for yourself or a couple of other people, check out our availability here. If you have a larger group that you'd like to schedule a time to volunteer, check email austindiaper bank at gmail dot com and we can talk! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Partner Spotlight: Round Rock Area Serving Center

Round Rock Area Serving Center is one of our amazing partner agencies who does so much for their part of Central Texas. The Serving Center is a food pantry, community gardens, charity thrift store (that provides vouchers for clothing and furniture), computer programs and financial assistance programs for utilities, rent, prescriptions and transportation. The Serving Center has the wide-reaching support of churches and other organizations to help meet the human needs in Round Rock and surrounding areas.

Their website states that "in 2014, the Serving Center assisted a total of 53,040 under-privileged, low-income people and families-in-crisis from 13,195 households with food and financial assistance.   The food pantry filled 12,255 food vouchers, and 6,649 households were served from Fresh Food for Families." Wow! We are so happy to help their youngest and oldest clients with diapers.
April 2014 diaper distribution to the Serving Center

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Volunteers Needed to Lead Groups at Diaper Bank

Did you know that Austin Diaper Bank is an all-volunteer organization? As we grow, we need more Volunteer Leaders to process all the diapers coming in. Volunteer Leaders are truly what make the diaper bank run. They direct volunteer groups who are scheduled to come to the bank. Our volunteers typically package loose diapers in bundles and sometimes count and sort incoming donations. 

It's easy, though it does require a brief training, background check and willingness to give at least 10 hours of your time a year. That's less than an hour a month to make a BIG impact in the community. You also get a very attractive teal t-shirt for your time. :) Interested in helping babies and seniors in Central Texas? All you need to do is send a message by clicking the button below. Thanks!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Austin Diaper Bank Is the 2015 Recipient of Girls Giving Grants' $6,000 Award

Austin Diaper Bank is thrilled to be the 2015 grant recipient of Girls Giving Grants. This great organization is comprised of girls in 8th to 12th grade who pool $100 each and grant it to one organization each year. Their evaluation process is thorough and they conduct a site visit on the two groups that make it to the final round. The grant will go towards rent for the diaper bank facility, marketing to increase diaper donations and staff salary. Austin Diaper Bank is so appreciative of the hard work of the girls, their parent organization Impact Austin and for their support in helping babies and senior citizens in Central Texas.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

KXAN News Features Austin Diaper Bank and the Growing Need for Adult Diapers

KXAN News aired a great story about Austin Diaper Bank and its assistance for senior citizens in need. Watch the video below or click here.

Monday, March 23, 2015

We're moving on up (to 700 square feet)!

At the end of March, Austin Diaper Bank will be moving from one suite to another in the Lamar Business Park. Going from 400 square feet to 700 square feet will provide desperately needed space for diaper storage. The current diaper bank space is maxed out and the founder is back to storing diapers at her house. The big move is Saturday March 28th at 10 am and you are invited to help. Longhorn Truck Rentals has graciously donated a truck for our move. Come on down to 5555 N. Lamar Blvd. Suite K105 if you'd like to help.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Diapers as Hope: Austin Diaper Bank Helps SafePlace Survivors

A Short Story that has Big Results: How ADB Helps SafePlace Survivors
Something many people don't realize about domestic violence is that the most dangerous time for a woman in a violent relationship, other than when she is fleeing, is when she is pregnant or has just given birth. Karen*, who fled with her newborn from an increasingly abusive husband, knows just how powerful a pack of diapers can be for a mother in crisis.

Moving and starting over is stressful for anyone, but starting over with absolutely nothing except for the infant crying in your arms would be too much for almost anyone to bear. Like most of the mothers who come through the doors of the shelter at SafePlace, Karen's thoughts were not on herself, but on her daughter. How would she provide for her? How would they live?

When Karen's Survivor Support Specialist brought her a supply of diapers and wipes that we had received from the Austin Diaper Bank a huge smile of relief crossed her face. She told us she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders and that these diapers weren't just something that her daughter could wear, they were a symbol that she and her newborn weren't alone in their struggles. She still has a long way to go in her journey and a tremendous task ahead of her, but thanks to the Austin Diaper Bank, she doesn't have to worry about diapers during her shelter stay.

If you are touched by this story, please consider giving to help Grow Austin Diaper Bank:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Grow the Bank During Amplify Austin

Thursday March 5th at 6 pm to Friday March 6th at 6 pm is Amplify Austin, a 24-hour period of giving to local non-profits. Last year, Amplify Austin raised over $5 million and this year's goal is $7 million, all for great causes that are right here in our area.
Austin Diaper Bank's goal in 2014 was to get its own space and we were able to, due to the great response from the community. We raised $4,000 and signed a lease on a small but very important office of 400 sq. ft. This space has allowed us to gather nearly 100,000 diapers in 2014 alone and we are proud to have served over 25 agencies and nearly 2,000 people- all with volunteers in our tiny space. As you can see, it's mighty full!

Our goal for Amplify Austin in 2015 is to grow the bank by raising enough money ($9,000) to double our operating space. If we do, we would have enough room to safely store more diapers, allow more volunteers to work and double the number of people we serve. It's a bargain when you think that nearly 2,000 more people in Central Texas can get the help they desperately need. We ask members in the community who can afford to give: give generously to end a silent crisis that is utterly preventable with just a bit of money and effort. Diaper need in Austin can be crushed with kindness.

  • Donating money is easy, click here. You can give a gift during the event or schedule it now (set it and forget it!). 
  • Helping us fundraise is very helpful, click here. We'll even craft the messages for you so you can just cut and paste. 
  • We also have some great events planned to celebrate Amplify Austin, click here to check them out. 
Thank you Austin, for all your support and kindness. The relief and joy in the eyes of the mothers we help is worth every minute we spend on this cause.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Need a New New Year's Resolution?

My New Year's Resolution: The Diaper-A-Day Challenge
by Amanda Motes

The background:
My New Year's Resolution is to find a way to more consistently support a non-profit in my area.  Why?  Because while I know that  any donation of any size at any time is always very appreciated, I also know that nonprofits can really use a steady donation stream to be able to best plan and utilize their resources.  However,  I'm a stay-at-home mom with a  5-year-old and 1 1/2-year-old, so extra dollars are not always at my disposal.  The result?  My goal for 2015: set aside one diaper a day to donate to the Austin Diaper Bank.

The plan:
For me, I'm less likely to get nervous about a dwindling diaper supply if I literally set aside one diaper a day (as opposed to taking out 7 a week or 30 at the beginning of the month).  So I'll put them in a box each day and take them to the Austin Diaper Bank once a month. Luckily there are several drop-off sites near me, so that part should be easy.

Why this cause matters to me:
When I found out that diapers are not covered by public assistance programs, such as SNAP and even WIC, I was shocked.  With two little ones myself, I know how both how expensive and how essential diapers are.

The impact:

I wondered whether or not this plan would really make any difference, so I ran the numbers.  With 365 days in the year, and using the average diaper use in my household (about 6 each day), 365 diapers would diaper a baby for 2 whole months!  So yes, I think it would definitely bring help to a local family in need.  And if just 5 other families join me, together we can diaper a baby for a full year!  So who's with me?!